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With over 25 years of golf industry experience, our Head professional Mick Taylor and his team offer an excellent service in a very friendly environment. 

The pro-shop has a wide range of stock and as a member of the TGI golf partnership, we have access to virtually all golf brands at the very best UK prices and in addition we offer a comprehensive custom fitting service.

Mick’s very friendly and easy-going approach is probably one good reason why we receive so many repeat visitors, looking for the best deal on golf clubs and golf apparel. There’s always a bargain to be had and of course golf lessons are also very good value. Whether it be on the practice ground, on the course or in the studio, Mick and his team will get to the nub of the problem, within a couple of minutes, give you a couple of things to practice to put it right and away you go!

Alongside Mick and his team, Jon Bird from Cannon Golf has set up his equipment in the golf studio, so that we can offer members and non-members a top of the range facility that can help take your golf game to the next level. Using the most up to date technology combined with over 25 years of coaching experience will enable you to learn how to maximise your potential.

The TRACKMAN launch monitor will help you understand your golf shots. This incredible radar technology tracks all the intricate movements of your club and the resulting flight of your golf ball. The V1 PRO HD video capture shows in amazing detail all the physical movements of your golf swing. All this gives you a much greater understanding of you as a golfer. The first step towards making a change is awareness.

Their philosophy is to keep it simple and to help you understand how YOU should be swinging a golf club. There is no ONE WAY to do it correctly as all golfers come with their own unique physical abilities. It’s their job to show you how to get the best from what you have.
Golf though is not just about making a full swing, it’s a multifaceted game. Putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play and course management are all essential parts. All can be covered comprehensively here at Shirley Park to give you a fully rounded game and to get that handicap crashing down.

Call the pro-shop and book your lessons now on 020 8654 1143.

Pro Shop offerings

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